You can drive a Ferrari in your dreams, or drive a Ferrari in Car Town

Car Town Ferrari Experience
The world of luxury has officially met the world of social gaming ... literally. Cie Games and Ferrari have teamed up to bring the iconic sports car to Car Town, the developer's Facebook game with nearly 1 million daily players. It's called The Ferrari Experience, and it's just as exclusive as the Ferrari experience is in the real world, though to scale, of course.

Players can spend anywhere from $10 to $100 (whoa!) on a virtual Ferrari and gain access to a number of benefits that mirror what they would enjoy if they were to own the real deal. Once players put some coin down on a Facebookified Ferrari, if you will, they'll get to visit Car Town's take on the Ferrari headquarters in Maranello, Italy and visit the Atelier Showroom to enjoy the Ferrari Classiche restoration program.

Your hard-earned Facebook Credits can buy over 20 Ferrari automobiles, including classics like the 1969 Ferrari Dino 246 GT and the 1957 250 GT California. Plus, players can rebuild these classic machines and put them on display for their friends to see. (Gee, we wonder why Cie Games would want players to do that.)
Car Town Ferrari Classiche
While players can buy their way into the Ferrari Experience right now in Car Town, Cie Games looks to up the ante with the Fiorano Circuit and release of the F1 Clienti, both of which are coming soon. Ultimately, players will get to purchase an F1 Clienti and race exclusively with other digital Ferrari owners. Cie Games is looking right at the whales with this new feature. Say what you will (and there's plenty to say), but at least it's offering more for your money than an Unwither Ring.

Would you buy a Ferrari in Car Town, given all of these exclusive in-game perks that come with it? What do you think of big-time purchases in social games? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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