Angry Birds Space finds space on 10 million devices in just three days

Angry Birds Space Needle
Angry Birds Space Needle

Who knew that the Angry Birds trip to outer space would be a great success? Wait, who are we kidding--everyone knew that. Rovio's Angry Birds Space has been downloaded 10 million times in just three days since its release on March 22. The studio broke the news via Twitter, but didn't include any other information about the milestone, like where it was downloaded most.

"10 million Angry Birds Space downloads in less than 3 days! Thanks to our fans, stay tuned for more," Rovio tweeted from its @AngryBirds account this morning. The developer has said time and again that Angry Birds Space is its most important release yet, and not to mention its biggest, with more launch partners than you can shake a slingshot at.

And according to Rovio, this is just the beginning for Angry Birds in 2012 and beyond. While the developer no longer even considers itself a game maker, but an entertainment company, at least three more games are planned for this year. And those releases won't simply rest on this game's success, but enter new game genres. Of course, that's should be afterAngry Birds Space hits Windows Phone, lest Rovio incurs the wrath of the fan boys.

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[Image Credit: Shane Reiser]

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