GREE takes adorable turn with next U.S. iPhone game, Alien Family

Alien Family iPad
If Zombie Jombie, GREE's first U.S.-developed iPhone and iPad game, was a little too gruesome for your taste, this might do the trick. The Japanese-gone-global mobile social game maker has released Alien Family to the App Store for the fine price of "free". Frankly, Alien Family essentially looks like FarmVille in space, with a gotta-catch-em-all twist.

Of course, that's not all there is to the game. While players will build an alien village in which they'll farm for more aliens and crops to feed them with, they'll also get to send those aliens on intergalactic missions in search of new alien friends. However, players can also fuse the aliens they find to create beefed up extraterrestrials to embark on more difficult missions with.

The alien (ant?) farm will be updated well beyond its release with content and likely new aliens to collect. And as with most mobile social games, Alien Family will offer up in-game items and boosts for players in exchange for the green stuff. Speaking of green stuff, the over 80 come aliens in GREE's second Western iPhone game are downright darling. If our future friends in the galaxy end up looking anything like this, we'll have no problem at all.
Alien Family iPhone
Alien Family is the second game GREE has released ahead of its imminent mobile social gaming network, which is expected to land in Q2 2012, as in any day now. With two games looking at drastically different audiences, it will be interesting to see results of GREE's cornucopia-style approach. And what better way to start than with cutesy alien critters?

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