6waves Lolapps co-founder Brian Rue, CPO Arjun Sethi say buh bye


Social games developer gone publisher 6waves Lolapps, or 6L, has lost much more than its development staff. Gamasutra reports that company co-founder Brian Rue and CPO Arjun Sethi have left following layoffs last week. The two announced their departures on their personal blogs with nothing but bright and shiny things to say of the publisher.

"It's been a crazy ride of ups and downs and it feels very strange that it's come to an end," Rue wrote in a blog post. "I'm proud of the culture that we built, and it was especially evident this week as suddenly-former employees banded together to commiserate and find new companies to call home."

Rue went on to say that his next move will likely be starting a new company, and points to his AngelList profile for an idea of where that company will specialize. Based on that information, the executive's next company could easily be another social or mobile games developer. Sethi, however, mentions nothing of future prospects, but echoes Rue's sentiments of the strong Lolapps culture that will persist.

It's important to note that both Sethi and Rue originally came from Lolapps, the developer that the latter founded way back in 2008 and merged with Hong Kong-based publisher 6waves last year. It can't be said whether their departures are related to 6L cleaning house of its development staff (the Lolapps portion of the company). We've reached out to 6L for comment.

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