FarmVille: Build that Candy Castle with free parts from Zynga

Last week, the Candy Castle launched in FarmVille. This collection building can be upgraded to various levels in order to earn more items for the upcoming Giant Sundae. However, the very first level of construction on the Candy Castle required you to collect a whopping 47 items to complete it. Needless to say, that's a huge amount compared to other building projects, and was apparently such a large number that many players were ignoring it entirely.

Zynga hopes to fix this by offering all players 17 of each of the three building materials: Marshmallows, Gingerbread and Chocolate, so that we can complete the very first stage of construction for free. Again, this is enough parts to finish the very first level of construction on the Candy Castle. Upgrading through the rest of the levels will still be up to you, but thankfully, the second upgrade requires less items than the first (presumably, all upgrades have been tweaked to make the construction of the Candy Castle easier).

You'll still earn these building materials by asking your friends to help you out (or purchasing them with Farm Cash), but these free parts should do well to boost you in the right direction. Good luck building your entire Candy Castle!

Had you already completed the first stage of the Candy Castle before Zynga gave out the free parts? Did you still receive free parts for your own Castle? Let us know in the comments.
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