Hidden Chronicles A Secret Past Part Two Quests: Everything you need to know

If you've already made your way through Part 1 in Hidden Chronicles' A Secret Past series, or even if you haven't, you now have even more work ahead of you as Part 2 in the series is now rolling out to players in the game. This second part of the lengthy feature comes complete with eight quests. We're here with a guide on how to get through those eight!

A Secret Past - Part Two: 1 of 8

  • Hide 3 Secret Packages

  • Get 3 Roadmaps

  • Place the 1930's Getaway Car

The 1930's Getaway Car costs 2,550 coins in the game's store and will give you 350 Estate Points when its placed and finished (you'll need four staff to help you out).

A Secret Past - Part Two: 2 of 8

  • Play 3 Scenes

  • Play 2 Games of FastFind

  • Have 3,000 coins

Rewards: 250 coins and 45 XP

A Secret Past - Part Two: 3 of 8

  • Find the Wine Glass in the Paris Bistro Scene

  • Get 6 Cameras

  • Complete the 1930's Getaway Car

For this Paris Bistro requirement, you'll be required to play that particular scene until the Wine Glass comes up as one of the items you're required to find. This could happen on the first time playing the scene, or the fifth (or even more), so there's definitely an element of luck here (in terms of how many energy you'll waste in waiting for the wine glass to appear). When you complete this third quest, you'll receive 250 coins, 45 XP and the On the Run scene for future play.

A Secret Past - Part Two: 4 of 8

  • Earn 2 Trophies in the On the Run Scene

  • Place Regina's Diner

  • Hide 4 Secret Packages

Regina's Diner costs 2,650 coins and offers 600 Estate Points to your manor when it's completely built. You'll receive 280 coins and 50 XP for finishing this particular quest.

A Secret Past Part 2 - 5 of 8

  • Play 3 Games of FastFind

  • Get 5 Suitcases

  • Place Any 2 Decorations

Since walkway tiles (normally) count as decorations, feel free to play some of those on your land in order to spend the least amount of coins possible in completing this goal.

There are still three more quests to complete in Part 2 of the Secret Past series, and we'll make sure to update this space when we learn the details on how to complete them. Keep checking back with us!

[Via Hidden Chronicles Wiki]

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