Empires & Allies: Increase your production with the Super Ore Mine


Since the beginning of Empires & Allies, users have only been able to mine one type of ore natively in their own empires. This leaves us to search for other materials with the help of friends, but if you're more of a solo player or simply don't want to take the time to track down those other materials, you can now construct the Super Ore Mine in your game, giving you a chance to mine for all other elements within your own game. Of course, nothing this great is ever truly free, as you'll need to work for such a convenience.

The Super Ore Mine takes nine energy to construct, and you'll need to unlock all of the individual elements by collecting building materials. That is, say your empire allows you to mine Iron natively. You'll need to collect parts to unlock Gold, Copper, Aluminum and Uranium. For Gold, in our example, you'd need to collect four each of Pick Axes, Mining Hats, Mine Trucks and Mine Carts. You can earn all of these items by asking your friends for help.

Ultimately, you'll need to unlock each ore in a particular order, but once you've asked your friends for these items one last time, you'll then be able to start producing your very own ores at any time, which can be used in any way you see fit! While it may seem counter-productive to ask your friends for help in earning all of these building materials, it does seem like it will be a worthwhile building project in the long run, especially if you're a dedicated player. Good luck building your Super Ore Mine and unlocking all of those materials!

Will you build a Super Ore Mine in your Empires & Allies game? What do you think of finally being able to mine more than one ore in your empire? Sound off in the comments.