CityVille Custom Homes: Everything you need to know


Remember the Remodeling HQ in CityVille? The building was launched last summer, and it allowed players to change the appearances of homes that had already been fully built in their towns. If you wanted a different color or shape of building, you'd simply use the Remodeling HQ to get it done. Now, a similar feature has launched in the game, giving you a chance to completely customize an entirely new home as its being built. This feature is called, appropriately enough, the Custom Homes feature.

You'll need to be at least level 23 in the game to build your first Custom Home, which are available to purchase in the game for 42,000 coins. Each Custom Home that you decide to build can support a population of up to 3,940 citizens, but you'll need to upgrade each home individually by asking for parts from friends. As you build your first Custom Home, you can change the appearance of each of the five levels by choosing from a variety of selections. These options might be different colors or have different designs (modern, classic and so on), but all of them add the same amount of population - the changes really are visual.

Once you are ready to build your Custom Home, its initial base takes six energy to construct. From there, you can add on the next floor by collecting building ingredients, like:

  • 5 Paint Buckets

  • 5 Windows

  • 5 Support Beams

Regardless of which items you're actually asked to acquire in your own game, these items are, of course, earned by asking your friends to send them to you via a combination of general news posts and individual requests. You can also purchase them with City Cash. Upgrading to the upper floors of a Custom Home gives you more chances to change the appearance of the individual floors in the home. You can make them clash entirely (in terms of style) to the floors below, or you can make them match. The only thing you can't do is go back and change the design of floors that have already been fully constructed (so make sure you like the choice you pick the first time!).

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

To go along with this feature, there are two goals to complete, so watch out for those in your own game as well! What do you think of this Custom Home feature? Will you immediately build a few in your town? Sound off in the comments.