This is how Draw Something will live forever: with words like 'Peeta'

The Hunger Games Draw Something
The Hunger Games Draw Something

New York-based (and Zynga's) OMGPOP has created a mobile gaming monster. Mashable reports that terms from the (already) hit film The Hunger Games have been added to Draw Something, the social mobile Pictionary with nearly 14 million daily players and counting. This Mashable exclusive would barely be news if not for the immense implications.

OMGPOP has introduced seven new terms from the smash hit novel series, like "Peeta", "Haymitch", "Gale", "Effie", "Tribute", "Reaping", and "Primrose". This is not even close to a major update, but it's exactly what will keep Draw Something going for, well, who knows how long. This game has tapped the limitless power of pop culture, and at almost no cost to OMGPOP.

In theory, entertainment brands could trademark the hell out of their properties, but why even bother for a single game? (Oddly enough, words like "Katniss" are absent.) Plus, to have a term from your brand in Draw Something is like advertising to 14 million people daily for absolutely free. But here's the best part: It's all user-generated, it has character and it's personal.

OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter told Mashable that features like live chat and the ability to save drawings are incoming. With the latter, Draw Something even has meme generator potential, which in this day and age, is more powerful than you might think. Just ask Chuck Norris. Hey OMGPOP, we hear an Avengers movie is coming--yeah, Draw Something ain't goin' nowhere.

[Image Credit: AppAdvice]

In what other ways do you think Draw Something has staying power, if at all? Do you see yourself playing Draw Something for a long time? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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