PopCap will pimp Solitaire Blitz, dance with zombies at PAX East 2012

Popcap disco zombies
Popcap disco zombies

How many of you lucky bastards are going to PAX East this year? If you are, prepare to get even luckier: PopCap announced that it will be at this year's Penny Arcade Expo in Boston, Mass. on April 6 through 8 to show you just how awesome it thinks Solitaire Blitz is. Every PAX East attendee can visit the brains behind Bejeweled to score PAX-branded playing cards with a little something extra.

How does a free 25,000 in-game Silver for Solitaire Blitz sound? If you're still not satisfied, PopCap prepared even more for eager PAX-goers, but there's a catch. If you visit the PopCap booth during the event, they'll also give a goofy item to wear to utterly embarrass you in front of some 70,000 convention folk, but it might be worth it. You see, the developer looks to dole out at least one "coveted new tablet device that shall not be named" daily to someone wearing the goofy garb.

But wait, there's more: dancing zombies. If you're attending, let PopCap know on their Facebook event page, and let us know how it is when you get back. And remember to just wear the dang goofy item, please? An iPad is at stake here, folks--come on, what else could it be? Besides, it better be something badass for the embarrassment.

[Image Credit: PopCap]

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