Google vs. Facebook: Guess Which Employees Are Happier In 2012? [Infographic]

If you're in that rarified group of engineering and digital marketing/design talent, the big question has been: Google or Facebook? And for the past few years, the employer of choice seemed to be Facebook. Consider:

But in 2012, Google seems to be getting its groove back in terms of employee happiness. For the first time in four years, it toppled Facebook in employee satisfaction ratings, according to Glassdoor. Google CEO Larry Page has a 94 percent approval rating, just above Mark Zuckerberg's rating of 92 percent.

And more Google employees:

  • Listed pros about their workplace on the career review website (96 percent compared to 66 percent).
  • Raved about the food, the perks, the benefits, the work/life balance, and the company's transparency.

Three times as many Facebook employees complained about long hours, and over twice as many listed work/life balance as a con. In fact, Facebook's satisfaction ratings have fallen sharply -- down from a near perfect 4.7 (out of 5) in 2010, to 3.7 today. The company's work/life balance ratings have slipped in lockstep, down from 4.4 in 2010 to 3.7 now.

Looking at the Facebook employee reviews over the past few months, Glassdoor spokesman Scott Dobroski, says, "You do see a recurring theme: We continue to get bigger, we continue to lose our startup feel, our techy fun amazing culture."

These were the kinds of concerns raised about Google a few years back. But the Internet giant is now many times the size of Facebook, with over 30,000 employees. "It will be interesting to see when Facebook does its IPO [Initial Public Offering], and has to go through those IPO growing pains," Dobroski says. "Google went through all that eight years ago."

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