Yet to pay up in a Facebook game? Here's how Facebook plans to change that

Facebook Credits
Chances are that you've never paid for anything in a game on Facebook. In fact, if we apply the general percentage of paying social gamers, only 5 percent--at most--of you have bought virtual goods. Facebook isn't too happy with that, considering how important Facebook Credits has become to its business. So, the network has officially instated the once-teased promotion for Credits newbies.

Facebook now offers players that have yet to purchase Facebook Credits the chance to score $4 worth of the currency for free after buying a dollar's worth. (Basically, first-time payers wil get $5 worth of Credits for the price of one.) Of course, it's up to Facebook game developers to implement the promotion within their games, but why would they pass up the opportunity for potential new payers?
Facebook Credits Free Bonus
When non-paying players logs into their game of choice, they may shortly see an orange icon that reads "Free Bonus" plastered on the righthand corner of their game screen. However, it's up to game makers whether that free $4 in Credits will be dedicated to their own game. According to Facebook's data, about 20 percent of first-time purchasers through this offer come back to spend more within a month. Will you be one of them?

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