Angry Birds Space will warp onto Windows Phone 7 after all

Angry Birds Space Windows Phone
Angry Birds Space Windows Phone

Calm down, all seven of you: Angry Birds Space will make its way to Windows Phone 7 devices ... eventually. Jokes aside, Rovio CEO Mikael Hed told Reuters as much following reports that the new game would not be released for the platform. Considering Angry Birds Space is on almost everything else, many reports said this move slighted Nokia, which has all but dedicated itself to Windows Phone 7.

Frankly, the fact that the developer didn't initially plan to launch the game on Windows Phone makes sense. Even with Xbox Live integration, Microsoft's new phone platform has yet to become as desirable a destination for mobile gamers as iPhone and Android has. Rovio CMO Peter Vesterbacka even rationalized the initial decision to Bloomberg.

"If you look at activations, Apple's iOS and Android are clearly bigger than any other platform," Vesterbacka said to Bloomberg. "We want to be on all screens, but we have to consider the cost of supplying the smaller platforms. With Windows Phone it's a lot of work to technically support it."

Well, someone must have convinced the Finnish developer otherwise, since now everything seems peachy keen between Rovio and Nokia--so rest easy, Windows Phone lovers. "We are working closely together with Nokia to bring our games to their platforms," Hed told Reuters. "Our mutual goal is to bring the best possible experience to our fans, including all fans using Windows Phone devices."

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