The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire endlessly runs onto iPhone and iPad

The Hunger Games Girl on Fire
When it comes to endless runners, almost nothing beats Adam Saltsman's Canabalt for iPhone and iPad. That said, you can likely rest assured that The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire for iPhone and iPad is, at the very least, a respectable branded mobile game. Throw in Tap Tap Dance creator Mark Johns and Paul Veer of Super Crate Box fame and you've got yourself one damn fine game for iPhone and iPad.

Better still, the game is absolutely free to play, so there's no risk in seeing whether it's worth a try ... or several. (Hint: Girl on Fire is totally worth it.) When Lions Gate Films sought out mobile game makers to create a branded mobile game that didn't suck, it clearly barked up the right trees. This mobile gaming dream team of sorts has crafted a branded game that's actually fun and looks darn good to boot.
The Hunger Games iPhone game

Opting for a retro style and theme throughout, Girl on Fire has players endlessly run through the woods of District 12 as none other than Katniss Everdeen, the series' protagonist. Armed with her trusty bow, players tap on deadly Tracker Jackers to take them out while dodging their lasers by swiping either up or down on the screen. Between this and The Hunger Games Adventures on Facebook, it looks like your stop on Susan Collins's hype train has arrived.

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