KartRider Dash on Facebook drifts into closed beta testing soon

KartRider Dash Closed Beta Sign Up
KartRider Dash Closed Beta Sign Up

And now for something completely different (on Facebook). Those looking for a go-kart racing fix on Facebook should be excited to know that Nexon's big kart racer, KartRider, is headed for the social network shortly. In fact, KartRider Dash will soon enter a closed beta testing phase that everyone interested can sign up for right now.

This is both happy and sad news, considering the game was slated for a March release. With KartRider Dashjust now headed for closed beta, we'll likely not see the long-awaited racer go live on Facebook until sometime in April at the earliest. (In an "open beta," we're willing to bet.) But based on what the MapleStory maker has promised with KartRider Dash, it should be worth the wait.

This social take on the mega-popular, free-to-play racing game assures players that it will bring accessible, cartoony races to Facebook in real-time competitions. Sure, it's been done before on Google+ and elsewhere, but not in such a way that's poised to dig it's claws into casual gamers like, say, Mario Kart has on the Wii. That, of course, rests entirely in Nexon's execution. (Ahem, that means game pad support, folks.)

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