FarmVille Pic of the Day: Have a slice of Willer2's consolation cake farm

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Now you can have your farm and eat it too, thanks to FarmVille player Willer2 and his hay bale art, complete with plate and fork. Describing it as "Carrot Cake with Chocolate Chip Morsels", this farm-sized cake art was meant to be submitted to an official FarmVille cake contest hosted by Zynga, but according to Willer2, the official rules didn't call for real cake, so he baked one with pixels instead:

I've worked on my creation for a solid week and someone says it doesn't count??? I have read the original instructions over a number of times and I'm sorry..there is nothing in the original instructions that said to use eggs, flour, sugar, etc. I feel that my piece of ART should count...nuff daid??? [sic]

Moreover, Willer2 claims to have never gotten any recognition from Zynga for any of his submissions, none of which were particularly amazing, though his work is competent and, like the great Brayzdin, he has a unique, recognizable style. But his pixelated cake did get many compliments from other players, and personally, I consider it one of the best pieces of hay bale art floating around (even if it was hard to tell what it was at first).

But that's probably because I've a soft spot for artsy looking pieces. Unlike the smooth, flat boldness of Deanna2u's burger farm, which is almost clip art-like, Willer2's farm obviously takes after Pointillism, a painting technique from the Neo-Impressionism movement. Presently, the only similar farm is AndreaHopps' Lighthouse Heart on the Sea, which is quite painterly and so heart-achingly gorgeous that I'll continue to insist it belongs in an art museum.

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