ngmoco's Dreamtopia launches on Android: Dream your way to happiness and success

As ngmoco prepares to celebrate We Rule's second birthday on mobile platforms, the developer has now launched a new free game on Android called Dreamtopia, which harkens back to much of the gameplay elements of We Rule, but with dreams and wishes as its theme, rather than a medieval castle.

The game is, at its most basic level, a city-builder with some twists. You'll be able to farm as in other games, but this farming mechanic is actually called the dreaming of "emotions." Different emotions take different amounts of time to dream, and if you dream of positive things - Joy, Happiness and the like - the land will become happier overall. Conversely, you can also dream of negative emotions like Sorrow.

While dreaming emotions does allow you to earn money, which can in turn be used to purchase new decorations and buildings for your Dreamtopia, your main pull through the game will be a series of quests brought to you by dreamers. Individual characters have overall life goals. One, for instance, wants to be genius scientist, while another simply wants to be surrounded by love. You'll need to dream specific emotions or otherwise construct themed items in your Dreamtopia in order to complete their quests and therefore fulfill their dreams.


While the game's graphics are quaint and colorful, and the gameplay theme is entirely different, the actual gameplay mechanics aren't anything terribly original, especially when compared to other social mobile games like We Rule. Still, if you've outgrown your love of that kingdom-building game and want to try your hand at another similar title, you can now download Dreamtopia from the Google Play (formerly Android Market) store for free. The game is also coming soon to iOS, but no official release date is known as of this writing.

Click here to download Dreamtopia from the Google Play store -->

Have you tried Dreamtopia on your Android device? What do you think of ngmoco's newest social mobile game? Sound off in the comments.

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