Expand your dream town in CityVille Downtown, coming soon

Is your town in CityVille feeling a bit boring, outdated or cramped? Zynga looks to fix all of that in the near future, as it has launched an in-game teaser showing off the upcoming "CityVille Downtown" release. As of this writing, we have very little to go on in terms of what CityVille Downtown will actually entail. That being the case, this could turn into something as minor as another area to expand our cities into, or could be as drastic as was the case with FrontierVille's transformation into Pioneer Trail.

Either way, we do know that this CityVille Downtown experience will offer players a "completely new world" to explore, along with new expansions. Zynga calls this area a "Zone," which makes me think of the additional farms players have unlocked in FarmVille. Perhaps CityVille Downtown will offer you an additional city that you can travel to and from while playing the game, with room for more crops, homes and businesses.

Either way, this looks to be an incredibly exciting new feature coming to our cities, and we'll make sure to fill you in on all of the details concerning CityVille Downtown just as soon as we know more.

Are you excited to learn more about CityVille Downtown? What do you think this upcoming gameplay feature will actually do in the game? Speculate with us in the comments.