Time for takeoff: Angry Birds Space lands on iOS, Android, PC and Mac

Angry Birds Space teaser
Angry Birds Space teaser

The wait is finally over, fowl-flingers. Angry Birds Space is finally available for iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and Mac. The awaited sequel to Rovio's claim to fame is the developer's biggest game launch yet. And by "big" we mean "enormous"--the list of launch partners includes Walmart, The Daily, Samsung, MTV and, of course, NASA. (Plus some we're probably missing.)

The game is so fresh to the App Store and other marketplaces that it doesn't even have a Metacritic rating yet. However, Angry Birds Space for iPhone already has a full five-star rating, based on 640 reviews. On Google Play, the game has a five-star rating, too, based on a whopping 4,200 reviews. So yeah, folks are loving the game just fine.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look as if there are any free versions of Angry Birds Space available. But do you really need to try out an Angry Birds game before you buy it at this point? Even if the game doesn't blow your mind, chances are high that it will at least be a blast to play. So go on, treat yourself to some galactic gobbling action ... or something like that.

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