Zynga flashes the cash, buys Draw Something maker OMG Pop

draw something zynga
draw something zynga

Update: And it's confirmed. OMGPop has been acquired by Zynga. Dan Porter, OMGPop CEO, is now the VP and General Manager of Zynga New York.

From a player perspective, Porter says that being part of Zynga will allow his studio to add new elements to the game faster, such as chat, a better way to save pictures in the game and "a bunch of different game play features as well."

He also says there is no plans to change the name to Drawing with Friends to fit in with Zynga's 'with Friends' portfolio of games, the most popular being 'Words with Friends.'

Zynga has actively been growing its mobile gaming business, acquiring a handful of studios over the past year, including Words with Friends creator NewToy.

The $200 million purchasing price was not confirmed during the official press announcement today, but considering that OMGPop was on the brink of bankruptcy until Draw Something launched on mobile six weeks ago, we're sure the 40-person studio is in high spirits.


OMGPop, the creator of the 'it' mobile game Draw Something, now belongs to Zynga, an AllThingsD report says. The FarmVille maker has purportedly paid $200 million for the New York-based game studio.

More details coming shortly after a 3 p.m. "news announcement." I'm willing to bet that we will all soon be playing 'Drawing with Friends' instead of 'Draw Something.'

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