The New iPad Mistake Steve Jobs Never Would Have Made

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

Good news for "new iPad" shoppers. Now that Apple (AAPL) has begun shipping its new uber-tablet, customers are discovering that the company has included -- totally free of charge -- a cooking "app."

Turns out, the new iPad generates so much excess heat that you can fry an egg on it. (Almost.)

Comparing a new iPad running "GLBenchmark" with a similar iPad 2 running the same program, Dutch website reported on Tuesday morning that the new iPad runs nearly 10 degrees hotter than the old -- 92.5 F, versus 82.9F for the iPad 2.

Tweakers points out that the hottest part of the new tablet is in the lower-right corner of the casing, behind Apple's new processor. And an informal poll of users closer to home confirms that when running certain apps on the iPad (Garage Band, for example), the gadget heats up like crazy.

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In the grand scheme of things, this probably wouldn't be a huge issue. Warts and all, The Wall Street Journal calls the new iPad "the best tablet on the market." But considering the outrage Apple sparked during the whole you're-holding-it-wrong iPhone 4 bad-reception brouhaha, it's clear that Apple users are a finicky bunch.

And maybe we should be. We're paying up to $829 for these wunder-devices, for goodness' sakes. That's more money than some fairly potent laptop computers will run you. For that price, we demand perfection, and with every glitch like this one, the impression will build that Apple may not be up to the task.

You've got to wonder, would Steve Jobs have permitted the new iPad to go to market with this heating problem? And more crucially for investors, can Apple hold onto its $600 stock price, and half-trillion-dollar market cap, if mistakes like these continue to crop up?

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