Playfish's Secret Island secretly launches in closed beta on Facebook

Since January, we've known that Playfish was up to something - a mysterious journey of some sort - on Facebook. Now, that mystery has been given a name - Secret Island. If you're one of the lucky few that landed a spot in the game's closed beta, you can now dive right in, and we're here with a look at what to expect. Note: As the game is in closed beta, the final product may change drastically from this overview.

The game begins during a rainstorm, as you've washed up on the beach of the "island that time forgot." Your first goal will be to build shelter from the storm, introducing you to some Pioneer Trail - esque mechanics, as you clear grass and chop down trees for materials. From there, you'll be introduced to the giant talking stone head called Maka that serves as your in-game store. You'll be able to buy farm plots, plant seeds for food (which is used to replenish your energy) and more from Maka.

The more you play the game, the more of the "Secret Island" you'll end up exploring, and you'll meet various new characters along the way. The island's map is a large one, with different areas to explore a la THQ's MargaritaVille, all with their own quests and activities to complete. You'll even be able to collect items for collections that reward you with special prizes - either those that just give you a boost in gameplay, or can be used to further the story.


Ultimately, the gameplay of Secret Island doesn't look to be that different from many other games already available on Facebook or mobile platforms, but the island's secrets - something along the lines of the island being alive and watching you - do look to offer a fun twist to the story as it unfolds.

We'll make sure to let you know when Secret Island launches to the general public on Facebook, so stay tuned!

Are you excited to try out Secret Island for yourself? Sound off in the comments.

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