Want extra levels in Angry Birds Space? Go on a Walmart scavenger hunt

Rovio, the Finnish creator of Angry Birds, was not joking when it called Angry Birds Space its biggest launch ever. The next in the developer's long list of launch partners is Walmart, who holds the key(s) to a few more extra levels in the upcoming game. Ahead of March 22, as in Angry Birds Space launch day, players can search for "Eggsteroid" clues.

What in the world are "Eggsteroids", you ask? We have no idea, but what we do know is that they're the key to unlocking four bonus levels in Angry Birds Space. First, you'll have to visit and "Like" the Walmart Facebook page to earn your first "Golden Eggsteroid" clue. (This is a branding slash retail promotion, remember?) For the remaining clues, you'll have to--gasp--go outside and find them.

The three remaining Golden Eggsteroid clues reside within or on various Angry Birds Space merchandise, like fruit snacks, t-shirts and plush toys at Walmart stores. Starting today, you'll be able to find the first clue ahead of the galactic game's release tomorrow, and the clue-ridden Angry Birds Space swag will pop up in over 3,000 Walmarts on March 25.

T-Mobile stores within Walmarts will also offer a free Angry Birds Space level with the purchase of an Android smartphone. You know, of all the branded Angry Birds gear, I've yet to find something for my own angry bird, a macaw.

Are you psyched for Angry Birds Space? Will you head into your local Walmart for these secret levels? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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