Zuma's Revenge! to blast onto Xbox 360 this summer with new modes

Zuma's Revenge Xbox 360
Zuma's Revenge Xbox 360

Admit it, even you "hardcore" gamers can't resist the Zuma. PopCap Games announced that its ball-blasting hit Zuma's Revenge! is headed for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console this summer as a downloadable on Xbox Live Arcade. For 800 Microsoft Points, or $10, the full Zuma's Revenge! as seen on PC and Mac will live inside your Xbox, but not without some new goodies.

This HD version of the fast-paced puzzler will feature two brand new play modes: Boss Rush and Weekly Challenge. And here's a shocker: Zumas' Revenge on Xbox 360 will have no more lives, checkpoints and game over screens. We gather that you'll simply play as you go and the game will continuously save your progress.

New Spirit Animals that players can power up with Spirit Badges will appear in this version, too, along with a massive 74 different leaderboards populated by your Xbox Live friends. Of course, what would an Xbox game be without Achievements? This game has 20 of them, along with two tiki accessories for your avatar.

While there's no release date just yet, Zuma franchise marketing manager Van Riker said this in a statement: "The PopCap team has done an amazing job of enhancing the level of challenge, game features and customizations with this latest version of Zuma's Revenge!, which we believe make it a must for Xbox players."

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