We're not frontin': Ghostface Killah, OMGPOP made a Facebook game

The Street Ghostface Killah Facebook game
Hey, if Eminem can do it--never mind ... terrible example. OMGPOP, the social game studio that was down on its luck before it struck gold with Draw Something, had a backup plan. Welcome to The Street (though its artwork reads simply "Streets"), a Facebook game that the New York-based developer made in collaboration with Ghostface Killah.

For the record, April Fools isn't for about another two weeks. Business Insider scored a sneak peek of the game--along with a photo of OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter chillin' out max with Ghostface. According to Porter, The Street will be "the realist game ever on Facebook. Think Denzel Washington in American Gangster." (Whatever that means.)

Frankly, The Street looks as if CityVille went hood on everyone out of nowhere. It looks like the game will allow players to create their own urban neighborhood, complete with unreleased tracks from Wu-Tang Clan. The branded Facebook game will also see DJ Drama, Raekwon and GZA make appearances when the game launches next week.
The Street Facebook Game
Since Draw Something soared to superstar status almost overnight, this will likely be the last Facebook game OMGPOP produces, according to Porter. We just can't wait to see how Wu-Tang diversifies Facebook gaming. (We're never above a well-placed pun.)

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