Careers headed for The Sims Social, Burger Flippers need not apply

The Sims Social Careers teaser
The Sims Social Careers teaser

There's nothing wrong with flipping burgers, but we'd sure love to meet the person who'd choose that as their fantasy job. (In a life-simulating video game, no less.) Playfish posted the above teaser on The Sims Social Facebook page recently, all but confirming that Careers are headed for Littlehaven soon. However, we seriously doubt that one of the available career paths will involve flipping all-beef patties.

We first heard rumors of Careers as an upcoming feature in The Sims Social from Sims Social Fansite, and now it seems as if the fan website was right on the money. "IT'S TEASER O CLOCK!!! Playfish is recruiting for a very specific role, is anybody interested?" the News Feed post reads.

Playfish normally updates its top social game on Wednesdays, so perhaps we'll see the fruits of this teaser come tomorrow. So many questions need answering, like what in the world will "Career Points" do? Here's a hint: We'll be sure to have an answer to that and more for you tomorrow.

Are you psyched to see what Careers are like in The Sims Social? What Career do you hope for your Sim to pursue in-game? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.