Pioneer Trail Barter Depot: Everything you need to know

If you've got a bunch of useless items on hand, you can now trade those for better ones and help your in-game brother Jasper all at the same time in Pioneer Trail's new Barter Depot feature. These Barter Depots are available to players Level 25 or above, and you can build up to three in your game in order to help you Barter more items more often. Through this feature, you'll gain access to a new crop, a new tree and even a new animal. Here's a guide to get you started, detailing this feature's goals.

On the Track for Trade

  • Tend 20 Neighbor Crops

  • Build 1 Barter Depot

  • Barter for 2 Silk Cloths

Essentially, the Barter Depot can be thought of as Pioneer Trail's version of FarmVille's Craftshop, only instead of Bushels, you'll use random building ingredients to barter for other items. In the case of the Silk Cloth, for instance, you'll need to have 10 Bolts of Wool, which can be earned by asking friends, in order to turn those into a single Silk Cloth. Each item that your barter for (or craft, if you prefer) has a time limit, making you unable to barter anything else until the timer runs down. This is why you'd want to build more than one Barter Depot (up to the three allowed), as each Depot runs on a different timer, allowing you to barter for three things at the same time, regardless of how much time each actually takes.

Once you finish this first goal, you'll receive 450 XP, 400 coins and four Yellow Mustard.

A Delicate Trade

  • Clear 15 Stumps

  • Barter for 2 Mahogany

  • Craft 2 Victorian Vases

Porcelain Vases are a new crafting project that require Porcelain and Polished Marble to create. You'll need to barter for both of these items using other ingredients (some of those even need to be bartered for). Once you can make your way through this time consuming goal, you'll earn 950 XP, two All You Can Eats and four Valley Oak Trees.

Racks N Rifles

  • Harvest 40 Yellow Mustard

  • Barter for 3 Brass Ingots

  • Craft 1 Mahogany Gun Rack

Yet again, this is a lengthy crafting project, as the Gun Rack requires Brass Ingots and Mahogany Wood, both of which must be bartered for individually. When you complete this goal, you'll receive 1,525 XP, 1,500 coins and two Barter Mystery Crates. These crates can contain items like animals, Valley Oak Trees, crops, coins or massive amounts of experience points.

Sparkles in the Sunlight

  • Collect 30 Tomato Seedlings

  • Craft 2 Silk Flowers

  • Build 2 Larger Barter Depots

Rewards: 2,200 XP, Crazy Cake, Victorian Mansion

You'll be able to purchase additional plots of Yellow Mustard or Valley Oak Trees in the marketplace after you've finished these goals. You can also complete the Barter Collection to receive a Jackrabbit and 300 experience when turning it in. As you can tell from all of the work above, this will likely be an incredibly time consuming and difficult goal series for many players, but keep with it and you'll eventually finish everything off (and will have plenty to show for it). Good luck!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

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