Study: Mobile gamers play on the couch more than anywhere else

Mobile gamers
Finally, we can all admit to being total couch potatoes. A study conducted by casual games company Miniclip and mobile ad server MoPub found that mobile gamers play more while at home than anywhere else--44 percent, to be exact. (Recent NPD data would agree.) The results are thanks to 1,625 mobile Miniclip gamers that answered a voluntary questionnaire.

And said results give us a good idea of both where players like to get their the game on and with that kids of games. While the majority of iOS and Android gamers play while working on their couch groove, a healthy 22 percent play while waiting for something out in the world. Fortunately, a considerable amount of that time spent on the couch could be some good old bonding. According to the study, 34 percent of parents use smartphones and tablets to play games with their kids.

However, a not-so-surprising number of parents seem to use smartphones as what I like to call shut-the-hell-up slabs: 42 percent of parents let their kids play mobile games while in a restaurant. As for what games are most played on mobile, puzzlers seem to have won that popularity contest, at least among older gamers. The majority of mobile game players aged 18 to 54 prefer puzzle games over action and sports games. Check out the infographic below for more neat-o findings.

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