In the future, basic cable infomercials will push FarmVille crap [Video]

FarmVille SecretsFrankly, we can't tell whether the below video is a parody or someone legitimately trying to push a product. And neither can Guyism, apparently. We've seen products like "FarmVille Secrets" many times before, so-called players guides that reveal the game's best-kept secrets. They're normally shunned to their own dingy corner of the Internet where only scammers and hapless, desperate and impatient players end up.

Until now. FarmVille Secrets has posted a fully-voiced commercial that pushes its guide for two minutes and one second too long. The video quite literally plays out like the commercials you'd see at 2 a.m. while eating a tub a ice cream until you pass out in the recliner. The title of the video has the word "parody" in its title, but we're led to believe otherwise.

For one, the link beneath the video leads to a website that's pushing a completely different FarmVille guide product for a cheaper price. Searching for the product advertised will lead you to yet another guide. This video simply screams "scam". A hilarious scam, but a dirty scam nonetheless. Protip, FarmVille Secrets: The Villa hasn't been relevant for over two years.

Was this FarmVille Secrets video a crack-up, or what? Do you see a future where these types of video game guide scams end up on TV? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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