FarmVille: Old quest items will stop cluttering your gift box

While we all may have the occasional complaint about how things run in FarmVille, Community Manager Grimwell has announced a small new feature that is actually fairly fantastic (and long overdue). If you're like me (or I'm sure thousands or even millions of other players), you likely have at least a few old goal items clogging up your gift box. Now, Zynga has implemented some new coding that will automatically remove those items from your gift box and compensate you in the process.

To be more specific, it can often be hard to remember which requested items (Dog Toys, Cotton Balls, etc. - those items that you must "Get" to complete goals in the game) are for upcoming goals or for those that you've already passed. Selling them manually will net you 100 coins per item, but who wants to take the time to constantly monitor how many excess items they have floating around in their gift boxes? With this new update, the game will remove them for you, and will give you the 100 coins for each item automatically when you load your game.

As this feature rolls out to users, you can expect your entire inventory of literally useless items to be wiped automatically, and you'll be given 20,000 coins as compensation for any and all of those items. Again, this isn't anything that will remove useful items form your inventory - only those that are for goals you've already completed, or that have expired. In the future, this removal will happen as you collect individual excess items, either by clicking on your friends' news posts or just receiving them from friends in other ways. Putting it simply, you can now say goodbye to all of those junk items in your Gift Box and hello to much more storage space for watering cans, mystery seedlings or boosts. How cool is that?!

Are you excited to hear about this new feature in FarmVille, or would you rather delete all of these old items manually? Sound off in the comments.