'It was tight' at OMGPOP before Draw Something blew up, CEO says

Draw Something
Draw Something

It's strange, but true. According to what OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter told PandoDaily in an interview, his casual gaming studio was nearing insolvency (i.e. bankruptcy) before Draw Something took the mobile game world by storm. In just under three weeks, the game has amassed 13 million daily players--and those are only the ones that use Facebook to play.

"I worked in the music industry twenty years ago when I was out of college. This was at RCA back when the 'Dirty Dancing' soundtrack was big. People in the music business just throw a bunch of stuff against the wall and see what sticks. If you knew what the hit was going to be, that's the one you'd pick," Porter told PandoDaily." "But you don't. Now here we are with one of the last things to throw against the wall, and it sticks. It sticks insanely hard."

Porter went on to say that things were "tight" at OMGPOP before Draw Something hit the App Store and Google Play. Now, the game has brought in at least six figures worth of revenue from paid downloads, virtual goods and advertisements. How close OMGPOP may have been to edge before hitting it big is testament to just how crazy this new gaming world is. The best part of the story just might be fact that, technically, Draw Something was a Facebook game first.

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