Zynga's Mark Pincus wants mobile gaming to be 'a poke with a purpose'

Facebook Poke
Facebook Poke

Leave it to Zynga to think up a way to make mobile gaming even more casual. During an interview with GigaOM, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus revealed his vision for the developer's future in mobile games. Simply put, Pincus isn't satisfied with over 200 million players--he wants Zynga to convince everyone to play social games, that games are just as ubiquitous as Facebook itself.

"What I want us to do next is be a 'poke with a purpose,'" Pincus told GigaOM, speaking to mobile gaming. "You are essentially SMS-ing people and that is carrying a more snack-y game experience. Even more casual games and an even more engaged experience. This is more of a different experience that we have now and an experience that is more vertical and more engaged and served up in a tiny container. I think that is the big story here."

In essence, Pincus seems to think that smartphones and tablets are capable of transforming gaming in something as innocuous and natural as texting or tweeting. That's quite the tall order, but certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Just look at how Words With Friends has been used as a communication tool on top of being a game.

To that end, Pincus revealed the motivation for creating FarmVille Express: "One of the lessons we learned from the FarmVille for iPhone was that web and iOS are entirely different and have different mechanics. That is why we did FarmVille Express. The difference is that on mobile it is a 2-minute session versus a 45-minute session on the computer."

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