The Skyrim maker isn't cool with Facebook games, but iPhone is A-OK


Bethesda Softworks, the developer behind hardcore role-playing game hits like Skyrim and Fallout, is on the hunt for a skilled iOS game creator. Publisher ZeniMax Media has posted a job opening that calls for "experienced iOS programmers for unannounced games." This could be anything from full-fledged games to companion apps à la the Mass Effect Datapad.

However, the specifics of what the job calls for lead us to believe that the developer looks to make games for iOS devices, not just companion apps. The bullet point that reads, "Experience with Open GL ES and other 3D technologies," is what points us in that direction. Not many (if any) companion apps that this writer has ever seen use 3D graphics. How about you?

It's interesting that Bethesda is interested in creating games for mobile devices at this time, considering the brand new iPad and its Retina display and enhanced graphics processor. (So much for refusing to "go off and do something that is completely different that we don't have a lot of expertise and knowledge of.") Perhaps the higher-ups at Bethesda and ZeniMax Media see in the tablet what Epic Games and other traditional game developers see.

[Via Pocket Gamer]

The question is, will Bethesda keep to its hardcore roots in making games for iPhones and iPads, or perhaps branch out and try to tap new player bases, like casual? Speculate away with us in the comments. Add Comment.