FarmVille Pic of the Day: We're off to see the Wizard at DwayneBurgess' farm

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Legend has it that if you follow a rainbow to its end, you might find a pot of gold -- and speaking of which, I hope everyone enjoyed their St. Paddy's weekend -- but somewhere over the rainbow is Frank L. Baum's wonderful world of Oz. Player DwayneBurgess has recreated that world on his FarmVille farm, including famous sites such as Dorothy's farm to the south, Emerald City in the north, Munchkinland to the east, the castle of the Wicked Witch of the West in the west, the scarecrow's field (next to Munchkinland), and even the rainbow itself.

Connecting all the Oz sites is the Yellow Brick Road (made out of yellow hay bales) that leads from the swirly path in Munchkinland to the home of the Wicked Witch, which is represented by a (fully completed) Haunted House. The Emerald City is constructed out of 'stacked' green fences. But the coolest part is the rainbow, which is crafted -- not just out of hay bales -- but various colors of trees and crop mastery signs organized by color. This is one of those farms that you can only appreciate when you give it a closer look and realize how much thought went into the design.

Do you like farms that immediately look awesome or the ones that you have to really look at to realize how the creator planned them? Sound off in the comments.
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