FarmVille Mystery Game (03/18/12): Another round of Hawaiian items comes to the farm

If your new Hawaiian Paradise farm in FarmVille is still lacking in the animal department, and you also have some free Mystery Game Darts (or a lot of Farm Cash) to spare, you can now add to your new farm's animal appeal by playing this week's game as there are four new animals up for grabs. If you're keeping track, that leaves three items leftover, with two being general decorations and one being a gnome. Here's a complete look at this week's prizes, according to FarmVille Freak.

Hawaiian Wedding Hall
Hibiscus Cow
Hibiscus Fountain
Hibiscus Unicorn
Hula Gnome
Vacation Alpaca

If you can win one of each of these six items, you'll receive a special seventh prize for free: the Hawaiian Warrior Gnome. Of course, you'll likely end up with duplicates of some of these items along the way (which can turn this into an incredibly costly prospect), so keep that in mind. For the record, a single dart in this week's Mystery Game is back down to the normal price of 16 Farm Cash, but that can still add up quick if you run out of free darts from past giveaways.

If you're interested in these items, make sure to play sooner, rather than later, as the selection of prizes will change at this time next week. We'll be back then to let you know what the seven prizes are for next week's game, so stay tuned!

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