FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Items: Iliahi Tree, Tiki Duck and more

The Hawaiian Paradise theme keeps growing in FarmVille, with even more items being released this weekend for use on your newest farm, or your other farms. There are new trees, animals and more available for purchase, so I hope you have some Farm Cash on hand to take advantage of their limited time availability. As usual, we're here with a complete look at these items, so let's get started!


Iliahi Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Perfume Tree - 12 Farm Cash


Okapi - 2.5 million coins
Orchid Mini Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Puffer Fish (Water Only) - 8 Farm Cash
Tiki Duck - 16 Farm Cash
Tiki Goat - 14 Farm Cash
Night Heron - 12 Farm Cash


Tiki Cafe - 46,000 Coconuts


Tiki Gnome II - 12 Farm Cash
Purple Acropora (Water Only) - 11,500 Coconuts

Unfortunately, it looks like the Hawaiian Paradise theme might actually be coming to a close, if this small update is any indication. Either way, we'll make sure to let you know if other Hawaiian Paradise items are released in the game's store, so keep checking back with us!

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