EA to shutter Fantasy Safari on iOS after only five months

Fantasy Safari, EA's version of Zynga's Dream Zoo on iPhone and iPad, is next on the chopping block, as Electronic Arts has announced that the game's servers will be taken offline, killing the game, on March 31.

After being launched in November, Fantasy Safari allowed players to choose from 40 different animals with which to fill their magical land, including dragons, unicorns and even Pixies (if you can consider Pixies animals). Up until Valentine's Day, the game had been receiving regular updates, but has since been pulled from the App Store, making any new downloads impossible.

News of the closure comes by way of EA's Service Updates announcement this morning, which also sees the plugs being pulled for Ghost Harvest and Battlefield 3: Aftershock, two other iOS games. If five months seems like a short lifespan for a game, remember that EA / Playfish's Pet Society: Vacation, which launched at the end of July, didn't even make it to the end of the year before it too was shut down.

There's no news as to what will happen to Fantasy Safari's premium currency, but we doubt users are looking at any sort of credit transfer or refund. Unfortunately, this looks to simply be another game to add to the pile of unfulfilled potential. Take some screenshots of your progress now people, and then prepare to say goodbye to the game later this month.

[Image Credit: EA]

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