College Grad Who Reportedly Worked For 'Soccer Mom Madam' Tells Her Story

Anna Gristina prostitution
Anna Gristina prostitution

The case of the "Soccer Mom Madam," 44-year-old Anna Gristina (pictured) who allegedly ran a prostitution ring from her upper East Side apartment, has all the ingredients of a great scandal: sex, money, a suburban mom-gone-bad. But in an article for New York's Daily News, one of her purported employees claims that the alleged prostitution ring was nothing exciting, and that the madam's arrest "breaks my heart."

The woman, unnamed in the article, claims that she had the job for about a year, and that she'd graduated from "a major university" and wasn't dragged into the sex industry for lack of choice: She did it for the money and, heck, it sounded more interesting than a desk job.