CityVille Shamrock Star: Everything you need to know


Even though St. Patrick's Day has come and gone in the real world, it's still going on strong in CityVille, with a new Shamrock Star timed goal being available in the game's store. This timed goal will be around for the next 12 days, but it requires far more work than just expanding your land as in previously released timed goals. Here, you'll have three tasks to complete:

  • Expand to the Field of Shamrocks

  • Collect 2 Blue Shamrocks

  • Build a Rainbow

The Field of Shamrocks will be located in different areas, depending on how far you have already expanded your city on your own. Regardless of where it's located, you'll need to expand to it in the usual way, by collecting zoning permits and adding new citizens to your town. Once you've reached the Field of Shamrocks, this item will be able to go into your inventory, where you can move it around at will. As for the Rainbow task, this is the "extra work" we mentioned earlier, as the Rainbow feature is just that - a feature all in its own, requiring you to collect plenty of Shamrocks (mostly at random) with the help of friends. Finally, collecting from some of the game's new Irish buildings will give you a chance of earning Blue Shamrocks.

If you can finish all three of these tasks within the 12 days allotted, you'll not only receive the field of Shamrocks decoration for your town, but you'll also earn a Shamrock Chateau, a home for your town that costs 25 City Cash to purchase otherwise. It adds 1,150 citizens to your town.