In Angry Birds Space, only these birds will hear pigs scream [Video]

Angry Birds Space Ice Bird
Angry Birds Space Ice Bird

But on March 22, players will hear a lot of screams, in fact, in Angry Birds Space. To build up hype for the upcoming iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and Mac (and 3DS?) game, developer Rovio has posted two videos detailing the game's brand new birds. You see, the Angry Birds will fly through a worm hole in this game, and come out with special powers. It's science.

First up is the Ice Bird, which is basically a block of ice with a face and a beak. Launching it into objects will freeze them on contact, making even stone slabs break with ease. That said, it's clear that the Ice Bird will set up other birds, like the Lazer Bird, for instance.

This guy is what came out of the other end of the worm hole when the Yellow Bird went in. The bird apparently had a run-in with LeVar Burton in there, and picked up a sweet cape along the way. Anyway, this bird takes the same general principle of the Yellow Bird and turns it up to 11. Tapping the screen while it's in flight will have it bee-line for wherever you tap. We kind of wish Lazer Bird had more to do with actual lasers, but beggars can't be choosers.

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