6L gives development staff the axe, refocuses solely on publishing

6waves Lolapps
6waves Lolapps

6L, more commonly known as 6waves Lolapps, has seen better days. According to Inside Social Games (ISG), the developer slash publisher has laid off all of its internal development staff. With its developer arm completely chopped off, 6L will focus exclusively on its publishing business going forward.

"6waves Lolapps will now focus on working with independent developers to launch and grow their mobile and social games," 6L CEO Rex Ng said in a statement. "As a result we have restructured the company to focus on key functions which include developer outreach, product advisory, user growth initiatives and our publishing platform. The re-structuring means that we will have more resources to continue our leadership in the social and mobile game publishing space."

6L is a result of a merger in 2011 between publisher 6waves and Ravenwood Fair creator Lolapps--the re-branding was a recent move. According to VentureBeat, the loss of 6L's development staff may as well be synonymous with the loss of Lolapps. The unfortunate news comes just as 6L acquired Escalation Studios, the game maker behind the controversial Yeti Town. Escalation and 6L-owned Smartron5 will continue operations, but the fate of the Ravenwood franchise is unknown.

Update: We're told that 6L's existing games will continue to operate, and that the company is "working closely with an external team to service the [Ravenwood] franchise."

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