CityVille Fortune Island: Everything you need to know

Yet another island has launched in CityVille, giving your citizens a chance to take to the waves and maybe win some virtual coins in the process. Fortune Island is lightly based on both Las Vegas and Dubai, and it can be built by players who have reached at least Level 47 in the game. Once you've reached that point, you'll be able to build Fortune Island for 780,600 coins from the store (a random number, to be sure).

You'll need to collect 50 different building materials in order to finish Fortune Island, but trust us, there's a great incentive to doing so in the long run.

  • 10 Light Sculpture

  • 10 Chocolate Fountain

  • 10 Lounge Chair

  • 10 Arcade Button

  • 10 Outdoor Light

You can collect these parts by either asking your friends to send them to you (via a combination of general news posts and individual requests) or by purchasing them outright for City Cash. Either way, once you've finished Fortune Island, you'll be given access to the island's Roller Coaster, Apartments, Casino, Arcade and Restaurant. You can't remove any items from the Fortune Island, but if you continue to collect from the Casino on a regular basis, you'll have a chance of winning a whopping 5 million coins when doing so.

Since Casino's are all about getting lucky, you'll have a repeat chance of winning those coins each time you collect from the Casino, which requires two energy to do. Still, two energy is a small price to pay for 5 million coins in return! Hopefully, we'll all be lucky enough to win that prize one day! Aside from this prize, you can also complete Fortune Island's goal for 200,000 coins as a reward. This requires you to complete your Fortune Island and then collect from the Casino 10 times to do. Good luck!

Will you immediately start building your own Fortune Island, or do you need to expand out into your city's water more in order to make it fit? What would you do if you won 5 million coins for your city? Sound off in the comments.