To play an obscene amount of Triple Town on iOS, all you need is $2.99

Triple Town iPhone iPad
Triple Town iPhone iPad

If you're still busy trapping bears and turning bushes into trees, stop for one second. We have an important announcement that could help you ignore the world in lieu of Triple Town all that more easily. Developer Spry Fox has announced that players can now buy unlimited turns in the game for iPhone and iPad for a discounted price of $2.99.

We're told that Apple has spontaneously decided to feature Spry Fox's downright addictive match-three game on the front page of the App Store again. (Well, we're sure its critical acclaim had something to do with it.) So, to celebrate, the developer has cut the price of unlimited turns.

Sure, $2.99 is three times the amount you'd play for, say, Angry Birds. But what else are you playing right now, anyway? Besides, the more money this game makes, the longer it can stick around and get updates. Speaking of which, Spry Fox promises that new play maps are on the way, and that unlimited turns customers will get access to those for free. Think of it as being a VIP member, only you're getting unlimited Triple Town time instead of front-of-line access to some stuffy club.

Are you knee-deep in ninja bears and castles? What do you think of Spry Fox's other games, like Realm of the Mad God? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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