Five games to play on your New iPad

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Your new iPad has (overly expensive) 4G LTE support, a shiny new iSight camera and even a beefier processor inside with far stronger graphics support than the previous iPad. But really, we know that all you care about is that gorgeous Retina display. At a whopping 2,048 by 1,536 resolution, it's the most pixels ever packed into a mobile device display.

Sure, reading books, watching movies and looking at photos will be a ... resolutionary experience. (Point your fingers at Apple for the terrible pun this time.) But again, it's the games that are the stars of this show. With that, here are the top five games that are already prepared to blow your eyes away:
Flight Control Rocket
Flight Control Rocket ($.99)
EA and Firemint's sequel to the hit airport management game has ditched Earth for the glories of space. It's the same general principle of the original, but with everything, including the graphics, turned up to 11. Based on the trailer, however, that tune just isn't as catchy.
Diamond Dash iPad
Diamond Dash (Free)
Wooga's mobile version of its hit puzzle game for Facebook has been updated with Retina display support, and for absolutely free no less. If you're looking for a form of Facebook-connected gem genocide that's slightly different from match-three, then Diamond Dash is your go-to.
Real Racing 2 HD
Real Racing 2 HD ($2.99)
Firemint aims to please the eye with its gorgeous, realistic racing series. And now that it's updated for the iPad Retina display, the developer is on the bleeding edge once again. You can also play this game through an HDTV using the iPad's Air Mirroring feature and an Apple TV, but that would kind of defeat the purpose, no?
Infinity Blade 2 HD
Infinity Blade 2 ($6.99)
Epic Games and Chair Entertainment's dungeon-delving, sword-slashing adventure game is essentially a benchmark for what the iPad is graphically capable of. Expensive, yes, but suckers for a beautiful game owe it to themselves to indulge. Plus, it's a fine primer for the upcoming Infinity Blade Dungeons.
Labyrinth 2 HD
Labyrinth 2 HD Lite (Free)
There's nothing like a game that uses both the new iPad's gyroscope controls and its gorgeous display--the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, this version of Illusion Labs' puzzler only contains only a portion of what you'll find in the full version, which goes for a whopping $7.99. Yikes!

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