This is what combat in The Walking Dead Social Game looks like [Video]

The Walking Dead Social Game
For those of you who are still reeling from the most recent episode of The Walking Dead on AMC, perhaps these three terribly short videos of The Walking Dead Social Game will hold you over momentarily. (If you've yet to see the most recent episode of the show, we highly suggest you remedy that immediately.) The three clips depict what combat will look like in the game.

More specifically, the clips show characters Rick, Shane and Daryl bringing the pain to zombies with their magnum, hatchet and crossbow, respectively. Unfortunately, the clips have no sound, but at least they give a sense of what the branded social game will look like in action. Until now, all we've had to reference were some screen shots and a sliver of concept art.

Publisher RockYou recently told us that The Walking Dead Social Game will not be a game in which players merely "click, click, click," but rather a game that forces players to strategize and make difficult decisions with consequences. While none of that is made clear in these short clips, what we do know now is that there will be blood ... lots of blood. Developer Eyes Wide Games looks to launch The Walking Dead Social Game this April.

[Via Comics Alliance]

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