Pioneer Trail Family Tree: Everything you need to know

It's time for an old-fashioned family reunion in Pioneer Trail, and you're being asked to teach your children (or singular child, depending on your in-game family) about your family's history. In this event, you'll complete five different goals, each of which has a major concentration on crafting and building ingredients, and will be introduced to some new family members, as well as some past favorites. Here's a guide for what to expect when heading into this event.

BBQ Bonanza

  • Clear 30 Rocks on your Homestead

  • Craft 3 Secret BBQ Sauces

  • Construct a Meat Smoker

The BBQ Sauces are crafted using Dry Mustard and Liquid Smoke, both of which are are earned by asking your friends to send them to you. As for the Meat Smoker, this is constructed using Blue Ribbons and Secret Spices (both of which can be earned with friends help) along with BBQ Bricks and BBQ Spits, two more items that need to be crafted. As you can tell already, this is just the first goal of this lengthy event, as we've already been asked to build a new structure and craft three different things. It only gets more intense from here, but if you can push through and finish this first goal, you'll receive 200 XP, 200 coins and 4 Habanero Seeds. This is a new crop for the game.

Explorer Uncle

  • Harvest 60 Habaneros on your Homestead

  • Tend 35 Adult Non-Rideable Horses

  • Build a Treasure Hunter's Kit

The Treasure Hunter's Kit requires you to craft both Compasses and Excavation Brushes in large quantities. These are both crafted using items that you can ask your friends to send you. You can also tend Pine Trees to receive Compass Needles, which are needed to craft the Compasses. For finishing this goal, you'll receive 40 XP, 400 coins and 2 Willow Trees.

Miner 49er!

  • Chop Willow Trees 60 Times on your Homestead

  • Tend 45 Adult Cows

  • Assemble Jasper's Equipment

Willow Trees are available on the game's free gifts page, but also remember that you received two Willow Trees at the end of the last goal. As for Jasper's Equipment, this project has three items that must be crafted in bulk, with two being complex crafting projects. That is, you'll need to craft one item that can then be used to actually craft the item you need to finish Jasper's Equipment. When you finish this goal, you'll receive 600 XP, 600 coins and 2 Cream Cows.

Portrait Proud!

  • Tend 12 Capybaras

  • Clobber 10 Bears

  • Restore Gramps' Portrait

We're back to just being required to craft two items in this project, but there are some complex crafting projects here as well. You'll receive 800 XP, 2 Walnut Trees and 4 Rhubarb Seeds for finishing this particular goal.

Family Feast

  • Harvest 80 Rhubarb Crops

  • Harvest 50 Walnut Trees

  • Cook a Family Feast

The Family Feast requires you to craft Peppered Steak, Rhubarb Pie and Walnut Cookies in bulk, along with generally collecting some items from friends. The latter two food items are complex projects, giving you even more items to collect and craft. As we said before, this is a very complex and lengthy goal series, especially so for those with less active neighbors to help them out. Still, if you can push through to the finale and finish this final goal, you'll receive a Book of Experience (automatically raises you one level) and a Dinner for your troubles.

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Family Tree feature in Pioneer Trail? Will you work on finishing these right away, or will you put off these goals until you've cleared out some of the recently released timed goals instead? Sound off in the comments.