Draw Something's 10.8 million daily players trounces Words With Friends

Draw Something Koopa
Draw Something Koopa

In other words, move over, Scrabble. Hello, Pictionary. OMGPOP's breakout mobile hit Draw Something has officially surpassed Words With Friends, Zynga's iconic word game, in daily players. According to AppData, the mobile social take on Pictionary has amassed a whopping 10.8 million daily players, setting quite a distance between it and the 8.6 million daily Words With Friends players.

But here's what truly boggles the mind: The New York-based game studio did it in just over two weeks. Words With Friends has been available for mobile devices under Zynga since shortly after December 2010. Since then the mobile social take on Scrabble has expanded to numerous devices as well as Facebook. Draw Something is currently only available for certain Android devices, iPhone and iPad.

Draw Something has its origins in Draw My Thing for Facebook, though the play hook in the former is different. It's turn-based, like Words With Friends, and as a result far more palatable for mobile gamers. However, it's important to keep in mind that this wild success might not last forever. Mobile games, like Facebook games, do tend to trail off after their initial launch. Now, it's time for OMGPOP to prove that it has staying power. You know, a TV show might help with that.

[Via TechCrunch]

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