Falken Tires comes to CityVille with branded business and free City Cash

A new branded business has come to CityVille this afternoon by way of Falken Tires. The business is the Falken Tire Racetrack, and it's actually a fairly cool looking business, complete with large billboard, pit lane and over-sized tire logo. As with past branded businesses, you'll be able to master this one by repeating supplying it with Goods and collecting your profits over time.

A single stocking of the Falken Tire Racetrack requires 100 Goods, and its payouts can be boosted accordingly with surrounding decorations. Once you've completed the stocking cycle 20 times, you'll have mastered this business and will win a special Falken branded Race Car decoration worth an 18% payout bonus to surrounding homes and businesses.

Unfortunately, once this promotion ends, it looks like the Racetrack will turn into a normal Gas Station, so you won't be able to have this cool business in your city forever. Still, if a free business and decoration aren't enough for you, you can also head over to the Falken Tires fan page on Facebook and enter to win a $10, $25 or $50 Zynga Game Card which can be redeemed in any of your favorite Zynga games (not just CityVille). Apparently, a few players will win these prizes each day, although you'll have no way to influence whether you'd win a $10 card or a $50 card if you end up being that lucky.

Even if you don't win, we still have a branded business to show off for a while, along with the possibility of future items to come (after all, if McDonald's can continually come and go in the city, why can't Falken Tires?). We'll make sure to let you know if this feature becomes even more interesting in the future, so stay tuned!

Will you build a Falken Tires Racetrack in your city in CityVille? Sound off in the comments.