Adventure World: Stock up on Cash, now 80% off

If you've ever considered purchasing Adventure Cash for your Base Camp or adventures in Zynga's Adventure World, now is definitely the time. For a limited time, all Adventure Cash purchases (that is, those that don't come from Game Cards or eCards) are 80% off. That's right - bundles that used to cost over $100 now cost just over $20!

For some specifics, here's a look at the five Adventure Cash packages that have been discounted, and their updated prices (all prices are in standard US currency):

  • 40 Adventure Cash: $1.05 (normally $5.30)

  • 80 Adventure Cash: $2.11 (normally $10.60)

  • 170 Adventure Cash: $4.23 (normally $21.20)

  • 465 Adventure Cash: $10.59 (normally $53.00)

  • 1,000 Adventure Cash: $21.19 (normally $106.00)

If you are just starting out in Adventure World, or perhaps stopped playing but have now come back, you can spend just a few dollars to instantly boost yourself ahead of your friends, or to catch up with them (depending on your own situation). If you're a veteran player, you can finish all of your outstanding building projects (and then some) with the 1,000 Adventure Cash package, and then have plenty of cash leftover to purchase some fun decorations or upgrades in the store.

This is an absolutely massive sale, there's no question about it, but Zynga Game Card players are also being given a boost as well. During this promotional period, all Zynga Game Cards redeemed in Adventure World receive 50% extra Cash in the process. That is, if you were supposed to only earn 100 Adventure Cash from your card, you'd receive 150 instead. The full value of the card will be redeemed, but you'll receive extra Adventure Cash in the process.

While these sales are great, it does make us wonder if Zynga is feeling the heat from the game's drop-off of users. Adventure World currently sits at 3.9 million monthly active players, according to AppData, which is down from 5.5 million players a month ago. With the numbers appearing to only continue dropping, is this Zynga's attempt to reward loyal players, or try to save the game entirely? We'll stay on top of things and will let you know if this becomes a situation of more than just an Adventure Cash sale.

Will you purchase Adventure Cash for 80% off, or did you stop playing this particular Facebook game long ago? Sound off in the comments.