The Walking Dead Social Game won't be a click-fest [Interview]

The Walking Dead Social Game
"If you have a game where all you do is just click, click, click and you progress through everything, you don't actually make any decisions and there are never any consequences, we don't think, frankly, that's a very interesting game," RockYou Studio Partners GM Josh Grant admits. "And we don't think that's a game that really represents this amazing franchise really well."

Many a branded Facebook game fall into this trap, resting on the laurels of a high-profile brand to turn out as nothing more than a series of arbitrary tasks to click digital objects. The Walking Dead Social Game, developed by Atlanta, Ga.-based Eyes Wide Games and published by RockYou, will not be that type of branded social game, we're told. Rather, the publisher sees this as a golden opportunity to do something new.

The Walking Dead Social Game zombie"One of the opportunities we feel with the strength of this brand, is not to try to recreate everything that's been done on the platform, but to use this brand as a great vehicle to bring gameplay mechanics and consequences that are a fun an interesting part of games to the platform," Grant says. "Obviously, people die in the series and there are consequences to people's actions, and those are principles that we very much wanted to get into this game."
Set to launch on Facebook this April, The Walking Dead Social Game is the crown jewel of RockYou's publishing division, Studio Partners. We're told that the game will employ a turn-based strategy combat mechanic that's easy enough for casual fans of the AMC series to enjoy, but packs the depth that more seasoned gamers thrive on. That's an ambitious undertaking in and of itself, especially considering how it seems Eyes Wide looks to approach asynchronously play.

For instance, players will get to recruit their friends and other non-player characters to either protect their camps while they're away on missions or come along for the ride. Regardless, those players can and will die, but it won't be the end for them. This is a zombie apocalypse, after all.

"When those friends die in the game, that will not be the last time you see them," Grant tells us. "When you see them again, they will look very different and act very different. And the player will have to make choices that will have consequences about how they resolve that conflict."
The Walking Dead Social Game gas station
Of course, The Walking Dead Social Game will also take advantage of the proven appointment-based mechanics of games on Facebook. While appointment-based likely won't blow players away, what would is player versus player content. (For any fan of the series or comic book, they'll know that other survivors are often just as dangerous as the zombies.) Unfortunately, that won't be a part of The Walking Dead Social Game at launch, but it's something both are interested in implementing later.

And according to Grant, both RockYou and Eyes Wide are in it for the long haul. Since The Walking Dead TV series' second season will come to a close well before the Facebook game launches, we're told that it will serve a different purpose than, say, Dexter Slice of Life's season-mirroring missions. The Walking Dead Social Game is designed to hold you over until Season 3 begins this October. We'll see whether it can live up to the task (we're so sorry) next month.

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